I took a Photography class back in college and never looked back. I hope my landscape images on this site show my love for photography and my love for the state of Wisconsin. I purchased my first digital camera in 2007. So long to buying film and paying for developing. Below is one of the first images I took with my new camera.

After receiving some positive feedback from family and friends, I decided to submit my work to a show. I actually sold a few pieces. Maybe there is something to my work that touches people and I do love talking about my work.  I got questions like, "Where was that picture taken" and "what was your inspiration?" One day a family member told me about a photograph that was a picture inside a picture. It reminded me of a painting I once saw where the artist continued the painting onto the mat that surround the picture. Because I cut my own mats, I thought I'd give it a try. Below is one of my first picture-in-picture pieces.

The picture-in-picture mat cutting style got rave reviews from art show patrons as well as judges. Other landscape Photographers paid attention too. A few even told me they were going to steal the idea (turns out, only a few tried). Well,I thought I better do something different to stand out from the rest. So, I took some time during that off season to add something new. So, I came up with black and white/color picture-in-picture prints (see below). 

Once again, art show patrons and judges really enjoyed this new style of mat cutting. I heard things like "refreshing", "creative", and "I've never seen this before!" As always, I loved talking about my work to anyone who'd listen. During one show, a woman said to me "I wish you had something specific to my hometown. My Son moved to California and every time I talk to him, he tells me how much he misses home". All at once, the Hometown prints (below) popped into my head. I've never had an idea hit me so hard. I just had to do it! To date, I've put together over 150 Hometown and College prints From Kenosha to Bayfield and Door County to UW Platteville. Let me tell you, the journey across the state has been worth every mile.

I hit the ground running with the Hometown prints. I've been showing my Hometown and College prints since around 2015. They're easily my most popular pieces. I still wanted to add something else to my catalogue. So, I played around with adding 3 dimensional prints (see below). It's a bit tough to see on your computer screen. Check out my Dimensional Mat Cutting page for a better view.

The 3 dimensional mat cutting went over so well that I thought, why not mix my dimensional cutting with black and white (see below). Another success!

Well, that's how I got where I am today. I hope we get a chance to meet one day and talk about my work or maybe your hometown. Either way, if you purchase, frame and hang one of my pieces in your home, I guarantee great conversations with family and friends. I've been told that my work is hanging in homes from Los Angeles California to Palm Beach Florida to Savanah Georgia. And of course, all across Wisconsin.

Keep an eye on my Show Schedule page and if I'm lucky, maybe we'll have one of those conversations.